Supply Chain Management

Supplier Development

Indo Metall Enterprise recommends that purchasing and supply management professionals should be able to identify sound reasons for embarking on supplier development process such as:

  • Improving supplier performance.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Resolving quality issues.
  • Developing new routes to supply.
  • Improving business alignment between the supplier and the buying organization.
  • Developing a product or service not currently available in the marketplace.
  • Generating competition for a high priced product or service.
  • Dominating the marketplace.
Supplier Capacity
Customer demand volatility is having real, negative effects on manufacturers’ bottom lines. When demand is low, suppliers are able to make sufficient quantities that meet these demands. When demand suddenly spikes, suppliers are struggling to produce adequate amounts – affecting sales and leaving customers unsatisfied.

The key to balancing capacity in an upturn, inventory levels during downturns and managing customer requirement throughout the business cycle is an agile supply base. By increasing a supplier’s possible capacity, a manufacturer’s entire value stream provides the framework for a truly agile enterprise.

Indo Metall Enterprise Capacity management starts with a thorough evaluation to accurately measured the current state then rapidly plans and implements capacity improvement efforts to impact the OEM’s bottom-line, top-line and key performance metrics.
Port Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies are needed to assess the technical and financial feasibility of maritime infrastructure projects and get an independent and external view on the likelihood of their success. Indo Metall Enterprise undertakes feasibility studies for all types of maritime infrastructure projects.
  • Evaluation of the site proposed for the shipyard
  • The economic potential of the shipyard and analysis of market demand
  • Planning of required equipment and materials at the shipyard
  • Detailed layouts of a shipyard
  • Financial analysis, including projected revenues and required investments
  • Planning of block erection and outfitting
  • Assessment of government regulations.
  • Environmental conditions
  • Local impact
  • Government regulations
  • The aptness of asset development
  • Vantage points of a project
  • Possible workaround
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