Foundry Process
Indo Metall enterprise has metallurgical experience team for the foundry process. The team will support new product development, new production process development.
Casting defects & Remedies
Indo Metall enterprise has metallurgical experience team for the casting process. The team will support a process which carries the risk of failure occurrence during all the process of accomplishment of the finished product. Mostly casting defects are concerned with process parameters. Hence one has to control the process parameter to achieve zero-defect parts. Indo Metall enterprise team have the best knowledge for controlling process parameter about the effect of process parameter on casting and their influence on the defect. Indo Metall enterprise have all knowledge about casting defect, their causes, and defect remedies one has to be analyze casting defects.
Heat Treatment
We introduce our selves as a specialist in the field of various type of heat treatment services. We have depth knowledge with the support of industry technical expert for carrying out various types of in-house heat treatment services such as stress relieving, hardening, tempering, annealing, normalizing, solution annealing, flame hardening, spherodising, thermal refining using gas/oil-fired burners in a permanent or temporary furnace. We have been establishing on-shore and off-shore heat treatment services such as preheating, post-weld heating, hydrogen diffusion, stress relieving, normalizing, annealing, re-factory dry out, curing, paint baking, etc. By internal firing method using gas/oil, fired burners or localized heating by electrical heating method or by a modular furnace. Apart from the above, all non-destructive examination services (RT, UT, MPI, and LPI). We are fully geared up with engineers and technicians experienced in carrying out different NDT and heat treatment services.
Plastic & Rubber
Plastic and rubber are made from the same families of the polymer. A polymer is made up of many many molecules strung together to form long chains. Polymers behave differently depending on what kinds of molecules they’re made up of and how they’re put together. Within the rubber industry, a polymer is a rubber which is composed of two or more monomers. In other words, SBR, which is a polymer, is made up of the monomers styrene and butadiene. They are polymerized (chemically reacted) to form styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) which is significantly different than either of the two base monomers from which it was made. In this context, the word polymer is a generic chemical name for all synthetic rubber and plastic materials. Rubber is a name given to a lot of different polymers that are all elastomers. That is, they recover shape after being stretched or deformed. One well-known natural rubber polymer is polyisoprene or natural rubber from the sap of hevea trees in central America. Rubber got its name when people in Britain figured out that it could be used to erase or “rub out” mistakes made with a pencil. The little blobs used to rub out errors were called “rubbers.
Surface Coating And Plating

The use of plating and surface coatings to finish part surfaces is widespread in manufacturing. Applied as thin films these coatings provide protection, durability, and decoration to part surfaces. The most common plating and surface coating technologies used.

  • Electroplating
  • Electroless Plating
  • Conversion Coating
  • Hot Dipping
  • Porcelain Enameling
Material Selection
Indo Metall enterprise has the best metallurgical technical experience team for the selection of material. This selection involves seeking the best match between the property profiles of the materials and that required by the design methods and their application to mechanical design, the design for the environment and industrial design are documented in the books.
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